How to retrieve data from dead desktop hard drive?

In recent times, both laptops and desktops have become a must-have device for all, especially, when it comes to storing all types of multimedia. Your personal items such as photos, songs, videos, important documents, etc. are also stored here. Therefore, not being able to access them would be an utter loss. Your laptop or desktop may become susceptible to situations such as corruption, which can either be physical or logical. This necessitates the requirement for a laptop or desktop recovery service so as to recover all your lost or deleted data.

Symptoms of Data Loss

Corruption in the hardware components leads to physical damages, while corruption in software components leads to logical damages. Both hardware and software corruption issues with your laptop or desktop can lead to data loss situations. Some of the symptoms of data loss are:

The hard drive of computers often making a clicking noise
Computer shows a 'blue screen error' and other error messages
The Laptop/desktop is running very slow and some file/folder/ partition is missing
The drive / partition/ volume is inaccessible.

Causes of Corruption in Desktops
The following are some of the common causes of corruption in Desktops:

Human error
Malware infection
Software malfunction
Issues in display drivers
Bugs in operating system
System hard drive conflict
Logical failure of hard drives
Forgotten Password
Mishandling of laptops
Physical failure in the hard disk drive
Virus attacks and attack by other malicious codes
Wear and tear of various components in laptops