What is data encryption?

Data encryption is a protection mechanism, which makes the data into an unreadable form using third party encryption software. The encryption utility uses high level algorithms that transform the original plain text into cypher text. In order to decrypt the encrypted data, you need to use a previously specified secret key, which triggers the algorithm to transform it back to the original plain text form.

Roots data Recovery follows a systematic process to ensure safe recovery of your encrypted data:

Problem Diagnosis: Roots daat Recovery encrypted data recovery engineers analyze the problem and if the media is physically damaged, it is treated inside labs to make that readable and ready for recovery.
Cloning: To avoid further damage to the original media and to ensure safety of the data, we make a sector by sector clone of the source media.
Recovery: With the help of our risk free recovery tools and techniques, we recover the encrypted data and further decrypt it to the original readable form

File Encryption Ransomware: Locky Virus or Locky File Extension Locky as name suggests looks malicious and can play nasty tricks on any computer system, it is newest ransomware entrant in market. Locky ransomware has been spreading at an alarming rate since the start of the year 2016. It functions like any other ransomware, it encrypts the files and the user has to pay in bitcoins to recover the files on the system.

It has simple Modus operandi, the virus crawls into the system and begins to encrypt the files. Depending upon the size of the hard disk and the information stored on it, the encryption may take hours or days. The encryption process may slow down the system as it uses the lot of resources like memory and CPU.

In case the System is working slow, check Task Manager for the processes running. If you see 2 processes with similar names and one of the process is taking most of the CPU power, shut down the program and remove the files associated with it. It may be start of the virus attack and if you act timely virus won't spread it claws deep.