Hard Drive Recovery Services

We are expert in Hard Drive Data Recovery. 95% Of Hard drive recovery success rate. We do physical damaged hard drives, our experts interface in hard drive analysis and data recovery operation in ISO Certified class 100 Clean Room Lab. Our Labs equipped with controlled environment to restrict dust particles, humidity levels and temperature. We have more safe and secure environment that ensures high possibility rate to recover your hard disk data and prevents the affected object from further damage. We can recover data from all hard drives, be it of any model or manufactured by any company. We can recover data deleted files from hard drive and recover data from damaged hard drive, recover deleted files from hard drive which not detecting.

Hard Drive Shipment

Once your job is registered with us, send your damaged hard drive to nearby Roots Data Recovery centre. You can also avail our media pick up service at your doorstep. If you stay very nearby to our any data recovery centre, you can walk in and submit your hard drive for data recovery. If you are sending your hard drive via courier, it is necessary that you pack it properly, so that there is no further damage to your hard drive during transit. This will ensure that maximum data can be recovered from your hard drive.

You can also order a safety box from Roots Data Recovery.

Hard Drive Analysis

Once we receive your hard drive, we perform our initial hard drive tests to analyse your drive and provide you an analysis report of your hard drive. Once you receive the analysis report, you at-least know, how much data we will be able to recover for you.

in case data is very critical to you & you want it on urgent basis, you can inform this to our data recovery expert. We offer best possible solution to recover your data.

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1. Can you Recover data from hard disk which is not detecting?

Ans- Yes, we can.

2. Can You Recover data from external hard disk?

Ans- Yes, we can.

3. Can you Recover data from damaged hard disk?

Ans- Yes, we can.

4. Can you Recover data from hard disk after format?

Ans- Yes, we can.

5. Can you Recover data from crashed internal hard disk?

Ans- Yes, We can.

6. Can you Recover deleted data from hard drive?

Ans- Yes, We can.

7. Can you Recover data from dead hard drive?

Ans- Yes, we can Sometimes it's been depending on condition of hard drive even we would be try to recove your data with our more advanced techniques.

8. How Data recover charges are?

Ans- It's depends on condition of hard drive and data storage.

9. Can you Recover deleted files from hard drive?

Ans- Yes, We can.

10. Would you charge for service?

Ans- We don't charge even single rupee without data recovery. No Charge No Data Recovery.

11. Where your Data recovery service center location?

Ans- Our Data recovery service centers in Hyderabad and Secunderabad, Vijayawada, Visakapatnam.

12. Do you contact number for data recovery queries?

Ans- Yes, we have +919390365365.