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What is A RAID Server?

Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) is a virtual data storage technology which combines multiple hard drives into a single logical unit & works together to provide data redundancy with increased overall system performance. This technology has fault tolerance ability that encourages a system to perform all the functions, even when one or more hard drives have failed.

RAID provides a highly secured environment and protects data against the data loss and losses and reduces the chances of a disaster. RAID systems use multiple ways to distribute data in the hard drives, which are called RAID levels. For example, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 2, RAID 3, RAID 4, RAID 5, and so on. This technology is used by a majority of small to medium sized businesses across the world as their storage solutions due to its highly fault-tolerant level and the cost effectiveness of acquisition and maintenance.

Raid Failure

Like every technology, RAID system can also fail due to multiple reasons, which might leave the data unusable. Although RAID recovery options also are available, however, due to RAID systems' complicated layout, it is mandatory that the data recovery source should understand the configuration level of RAID hardware, firmware, and software. Any wrong data recovery attempt may not only fail the system but also result in further data corruption. In any RAID server failure, never experiment on your own to get back your critical data. It may further damage your stored data. Let RAID Recovery experts from Roots data Recovery Data Recovery Services do the job for you, as one small mistake made from your end can lead to permanent data loss.

Since a RAID server data is mirrored or stripped across various disks, hence, RAID Data Recovery is a very tedious task. In RAID 5 or above, if you lose multiple disks simultaneously or the RAID rebuilding terminates in the middle, the RAID failure must be handled with utmost care to safeguard the data. RAID Data Recovery is a complicated task since RAID configurations are dependent upon the data layouts. So, without proper analysis of how RAID arrays are configured at software, the hardware of firmware levels, any recovery can make data corrupt and furthermore reduce the possibility of successful RAID Recovery. Roots data Recovery Data Recovery Services, with its expert RAID data recovery professionals, can successfully recover data from any possible RAID Configurations present in the market today